Our Services

The Invest is powerful, beautiful, and fully responsive Accounts


At AAMS we understand that every business is different and faces its own unique challenges. That’s why we make it our business to get under the skin of your company to understand your needs and provide truly flexible accountancy services designed especially with you in mind.

Our comprehensive portfolio of accountancy services includes:

  • Preparation of year end accounts.
  • Advice on the relevant records to assist the preparation of company accounts.
  • Advice and training on the bookkeeping system most suited to your business, whether that is manual or computerized
  • Assistance in preparing interim accounts
  • Running payrolls and assistance in preparing your own
  • Assistance with accountancy staff recruitment

You can rely on us to help your business make all the right, most profitable decisions.

Business Services

If you’re constantly firefighting a deluge of administrative demands, when your time could be better spent developing your business, let AAMS lighten the load.

With the support of our advanced systems, our experienced Business Services team is equipped to deal with:

  • PAYE and VAT compliance
  • Cash flows and profit forecasts
  • Finance and grants
  • Computer training
  • Wages preparation
  • Assistance with VAT returns,
  • Record keeping and payroll procedures.

Leaving you free to focus on building and growing your business.


Tap into AAMS extensive tax advice and planning experience and expertise in helping businesses to minimise the tax burden.

Offering unparalleled service, our partners deal personally with all aspects of clients' tax planning. Knowledgeable, efficient, targeted and prompt: this is the AAMS. approach to handling tax - whether your company is a start-up or household name. Our tax services have an integrated approach to both sides of the tax equation, meaning that cash flow can be optimised to suit the investment needs of your business and enable you to release cash from the business in the most tax efficient way possible.

With expertise in these special niche areas:

  • Trading structure benefits
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Personal tax planning
  • Tax scrutiny investigations
  • Inheritance tax
  • VAT

AAMS is equipped to provide professional tax advice whatever the issue.

Other Services include:

  • Business Plans & starts up
  • Business Transfer Agent
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Residential mortgage
  • Fund Raising
  • Immigration services
  • IT Services
  • IT Audit
  • Trade Mark